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Bio-detection Software

This is our pleasure to announce you that, RECONIT is developing quality Bioinformatics software as per researchers demand. RECONIT also concerns about improvement in logarithm and execution of existing tools as required. RECONIT Bioinformatics laboratory plays pivotal role in that exciting field of science especially in Bangladesh. Our Software Engineers, Molecular Biologists & Biotechnologists are scrupulous, professionals in search of creating a Bioinformatics revolution in Bangladesh. We also conduct research relates to vicinity of our aims & motto. Research funds and technical assistance also provided by the RECONIT Bioinformatics wings. Any interested researcher & deft students are most welcome to satisfy the quest. RECONIT is coming lusty in order to rule out the field of Bioinformatics of Bangladesh. RECONIT feels 'joie de vivre' in serving you the best. Cheers for Biosciences.