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Q: Where would I find job advertisements or vacancy announcements for Recon IT?
-Recon IT places job advertisements on various media and sources aligned with the needs and requirements of the position. Some of these sources include but are not limited to: Q: What does Recon IT look for from a candidate in an interview?
-Please remember that Recon IT hires the best “fit”. Along with specific job-related competencies, experiences (as applicable), and other skills, we look for a person who would fit with Recon IT’s vision, values, and leadership expectations.

Q: In other words, we not only hire your skills but also you as a person. Therefore your personality should match our culture and team environment. What are the criteria for being selected for an assessment?
-Criteria of every position are specifically mentioned in the advertisement through the following: To increase your chances we recommend applying only to positions that fit your qualifications and aspirations. In future, we will try to notify you about the status of your applied position(s). How can I apply for internship? We accept applications for internships. To know details, please click here
For any further queries, please mail us at contact@reconITbd.com